Green House Cleaners

Spotless Eco Cleaning

What kinds of products do you use?   

We supply all of our materials that are derived from all natural essential oils and vegetable based ingredients in our own cleaning products as well as all eco friendly materials to clean with to ensure that all of our products truly are green products. Safe for daily use around children, people with allergies, and sensitive immune systems

Products we use:

  • HEPA Commercial Vacuums
  • Microfiber Mops
  • Microfiber cloths/microfiber towels
  • Bamboo scrubbers
  • Recycled material garbage bags
  • Green House all organic cleaning solutions
  • Green House all organic disinfectants


Do I need to be home while my house/business is being cleaned?

No you do not, we can work around your schedule to allow you to enjoy your time to yourself as much as possible, or if you would like to be home while we are cleaning, we are committed to making you feel as comfortable as possible.

When is payment due?

Payment for our services is due upon our completion, however if you are not home or will not be available that day, you may either pay for your regular cleanings in advance for the week or the month. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, personal check or money order. In the very near future we will also be accepting paypal payments directly on our site, which you are encouraged to become a member in order for us to keep in touch and get the most feedback from you as possible so we know your likes, please keep us updated with your feedback on our cleanings, your favorite cleaner, and what we can do for you to make your experience and transition into going green easier and more enjoyable.

What makes Green House different than other services?

We take the utmost pride in our Green services, and our packages offer the most comprehensive cleaning available for a fair price. We use all of our own, highly effective cleaning solutions and all natural supplies to leave your home shining from every corner, nook and cranny, and smelling fresh and clean. You do not have to sacrifice a spotless home in order to go Green. Our cleaners are professional, friendly and most importantly, they love to clean, and they have been trained to spot dirt in places most cleaning services miss. From the fresh creases in bedsheets to the flowers that we bring for our clients on every visit, we treat each client like royalty because we enjoy and believe in what we do.

What are your rates?

Each client, their homes, and their cleaning needs are different. We provide different levels of cleaning as well as frequencies of cleaning.These are a few of the factors in  determining  a client's rate. Size of the home is also a factor due to the length of time we feel it will take to clean your home. It is very important that you fill out the estimate request as realistically as possible. The condition of your home is also a large determining factor in your regular rate. We provide a package service as a convenience to our client's so they are not simply charged an hourly rate. By doing so, their cleaning checklist can be completed, and there is no extra charge if  their home requires more attention than the three or four hour window, unless they have additional requests.  We can provide you with an accurate estimate by filling out our online form or by contacting one of our cleaning professionals.

Will you honor  my special requests?

We will be happy to honor any special requests that you may have. Due to the fact that our cleaners may have more than one appointment to keep on the day of your cleaning, and time is essential to any task in your home, we ask that you consider the time frame of your special request, and give your cleaner advance notice by calling our office prior to your appointment so your cleaner may prioritize and be prepared before they get to your home that week. Sending us an email or leaving a note the week before for your cleaner would be the optimum way to make sure we can honor any special projects or requests that you may have. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that the circumstance may arise where you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. We would be happy to accommodate your schedule, but we do ask that you give us 24 hours  notice. By cancelling the day of your cleaning, it does not give us the opportunity to accommodate another client, thus leaving that cleaning slot open with out being able to be booked. Due to this loss we do require a cancellation fee that is equal to your regular cleaning rate. However, cancellations on the day of your cleaning are evaluated based on the circumstance because we understand that some reasons are out of your hands. We are as fair as possible. 

We have pets, is that okay with your cleaners?

We love pets, and do not mind having an extra friend around when we are cleaning. We do ask that you give us instructions regarding indoor and outdoor cats, or if your dog should be somewhere else while we are doing certain things like running the vacuum though!

What is your lead time for scheduling appointments?

We generally ask that you give us 48 hours advance notice to schedule an appointment. We do understand though that there are circumstances where you may need a cleaning right away. We can try to accommodate your immediate need, but 48 hours gives us more of a guarantee that we can be more flexible with your scheduling.

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